Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Matt Blevins & Dylan Messer

these videos are from about a year ago. they are of mr. matt blevins trying to back 5050 the long ledge that was next to tim ward's old apartment. watching matt try this was really funny for some reason. in between every try he would calmy say ' i could back 5-0 this ledge'. it was hilarious to me and dylan. in the first clip matt back grinds the whole ledge and then a biker kinda got in his way. i think he was a little upset that he clipped at the end.
in the next clip its matt almost takin a biff and him gettin pissed.

even tho he almost biffed blevins still prevails and lands the back 5050 like a champion.

the final clip in this post is of dylan boardsliding the ledge to fakes.

this is the first blog post where you dont have to tilt your head sideways!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

San Francisco

Is da coolest place ive ever been! theres just somethin about that place that is so awesome. i went there with dylan and cody and we stayed with the paul and the downtown struts. it was really awesome and thanks to those dudes for letting us stay. but anyways to the videos. this is dylan doin a fron 3 at a really fun hip spot and then he pops a huge O over me

next clip is also of dylan....in fact all the clips are dylan but this is at the same spot and this is dylan doin a taildrop. i was hopin he was gonna catch a biff but he triumphed and shut my ass up

next clip of dylan is him at the famous wallenberg 4. this shit is huge anything down it is bonkers in my book. the only way you can skate the four is with a ramp cause theres shit in the way so you cant get to it normally but dylan still wanted to get a clip at the famous spot so he O'd the 3

and the final san francisco clip is of dylan 5050'ing clipper street hubba. dylan got down on the hubba that day. its awesome to watch your friends kill it so hard and know that theyre real siked. kudos to you dylan

like i said earlier san francisco is the coolest place ever. i dont know what it is about it but its just real awesome. defiantly go there if you get a chance too. i cant wait til i get a chance to go back.

Monday, October 19, 2009


so as you may notice i have a sweet picture up top and that is all thanks to ryan reyes! thank you ryan! the video i am posting is of my friend keaton ross and its him gettin punched in the face. for some reason keaton really wanted to get punched in the face by molly.

i have no idea why all my videos are sideways. but ya this was really funny to me. this was just another night at the moontower which i miss!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

hello again

hey this is brett i managed to remember the username and password so here i am. thanks wes for telling me the password is the same. i got shit i can update too from indiana. wes is taking care of the out west updates and i'm taking care of the boring indiana updates. i wish i could say that i was in arizona as well! its already gotten to freezing temperatures here, really, really depressing. but really i miss everyone out there! can't wait to see you this november or december when i come and visit. stay tuned!
ps i miss you tim ward, wes baker, dylan messer, thailand, john rob, ari, ted, preston, ryan, jackson, cody bear, mango, price, lay, probably tons of more people that are in arizona oh and tim ward three more times.

Friday, October 16, 2009


It's been quite some time since I have blogged. Brett and I had a blog a little while back and we kinda just gave up on it. It happens no biggie. So now I'm gonna try to blog on my own. So this probably won't really work out either. Brett just to let you know the password is still the same incase you wanna blog some stuff at some point. Anyways I got tons of camera phone videos to be uploaded so hopefully I'll be able to keep this goin for a little while. I can promise lots of skating footage from woodward and a edward duff online part, some moontower clips, and tons of other ill shit. So for now I'll start things off right with a friend of mine named Larry Schmidt(I think thats how you spell it) doing what he does best. Benihana's or however you spell it.

sorry the video is sideways but you get the point. Larry is an amazing skater too he just happens to be really really good at flyouts and thats why i love him. well thats all for now but also check out other peopls blogs like chumpchangeme.blogspot.com and welcometothemoontower.blogspot.com. theyre both dope! well have a good night everybody:)